Task 3 – Tech Sport

Option 3: Create an algorithm as a flow chart for an everyday activity or situation. Explain how you would incorporate it into your classroom or teacher professional development (activity ideas).


Curriculum Links Technology Year 2

  • Data can have patterns and can be represented and used to make simple conclusions (ACTDIK002)
  • Work independently, or collaboratively when required, to organise informationand ideas to create and safely share sequenced steps for solutions (WATPPS15)
  • Develop, communicate and discuss design ideas through describing, drawing, modelling and/or a sequence of steps (WATPPS12)


Numeracy Year 2

Health and Physical Education Year 2

  • personal hygiene practices
  • healthy eating
  • sufficient sleep
  • staying hydrated
  • regular physical activity

Lesson Plan


  • iPad, Finger Clip Heart Rate Monitor, calculators, algorithm chart. Paper and pencil.


  • What kind of effect does exercise have on our body
  • Discussion what heart rate is? How can we measure it?
  • Separate the children into small groups

Lesson Body

Flowchart for the proposed activity

  • Use the algorithm and create an experiment to determine what does exercise do to our body (10 mins)
  • Using the “Teaching Graphs” app create a visual graph to represent the data (10 mins)
  • Can be a bar chart/cylinder bar chart/picture chart


  • Present the data to the class and explain why you choose that manner to represent the data.
  • Choose someone and have a go at this exercise. Can they beat the highest score on your chart?


  • Plot the heart rate data on the graph and create a poster demonstrating the importance of exercise and body and what exercise does to our heart rate.


The children may need a lot of scaffolding and help in using how to calculator to calculate the difference. Some children may a lot of help in using the algorithm chart. The lesson may take longer than expected. Representing the data using charts can be difficult for some children.

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