Task 3 : option 3

Task 3 : option 3


In the activity, children will go outside to collect a specific number of objects depending on the codes on a treasure hunt poster. The group who comes back first and get the right amount of objects will get the ‘treasure’. This activity allows children to work in teams and get to move around the school’s garden and playground to find the items. This game will be introduced at the last class of the data representation class, so the children will have learnt how to decode the meaning of the poster. 

Year Level: Year 2

Curriculum: it links to the Year 2 Western Australian Digital Technology Curriculum: Data can have patterns and can be represented and used to make simple conclusions (ACTDIK002).

Integration: The activity could be integrated with Literacy. Students will have to write a short story to record their treasure hunt game. Also, this game can be integrated with Maths, use the collected data to make a graph or table

Criticisms and Concerns: As all students will be walking around the garden or playground, it might be hard to supervise everyone at the same time. However, I might assign a student as a leader in each group and he/she will have the responsibility to take care of their groupmates.

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