Task 3 Option 2

Data representation Year 2


This activity was found on Pinterest. Students can  decode the message from the teacher. I would further use this resource for students in the class to create their own code using pictures to describe the different letters. The resource would be used as a guide the worksheet would need to adapted to suit year 2s.

The activity can form a bigger investigation about how people convey messages and how we decode them. This can be explored by looking at how we can understand a message through sign language or people’s facial expressions.  Students would investigate these components in the classroom.

This activity would explore the Data can have patterns and can be represented and used to make simple conclusions (ACTDIK002) in the digital technology curriculum. As students would be making meaning from the code. The activity would be conducted as a whole class as students figure out the teachers message. Then provides opportunity for students to work in groups to create their own messages and to be able to decode each others messages.

Integration: Literacy as students can practise remembering their high frequency words using the code. This can rely on students being able to draw pictures that represent the relevant words.

Health-Students investigate how people convey meaning and interpret their feelings and messages by exploring their body language and facial expressions (ACPPS020)


The decoding resource is really long and may need to be adjusted for a year 2 level. When students create their own code using the pictures they will require scaffolding and may you need to consider the group parings so that the abilities are mixed.


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