Task 2 Option one

In my practicum school, there was a program called Crunch and Sip, whereby children would bring in a healthy fruit to snack. Using this as a data source opportunity, this was integrated into one of the math lessons. The graph was created using Word document and was displayed fullscreen on the interactive whiteboard. I collected the data by asking the class questions. Like who brought in that type of fruit (e.g apple, oranges, banana), and if they did bring in that particular fruit, they would put their hands up.  I will colour in the grid (1 square =1 child) (as shown in the image). The purpose of the activity was to encourage children to practice counting. First, after all the data was collected, we counted the squares for each type of fruit together as a class.  Then, using the information collected, we tried to determine which fruit was brought in the most.

Learning goals for Maths:

  • Connect number names, numerals and quantities, including zero, initially up to 10 and then beyond (ACMNA002)
  • Answer yes/no questions to collect information and make simple inferences (ACMSP011)


The activity can also be extended as part of  Health Science; to teach children about healthy food.

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