Option 1: AHRC

The Australian Human Rights Commission has a website – Choose your own statistic:



This information system collects data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and presents information to users as an infographic.

Topics include  demographics, country of birth. Life expectancy, homelessness, weekly wages,, access to information, youth in justice, access to information, respectful relationships, working and young people, asylum seekers and refugees.

These topics tie into the curriculum in Year 4-6 in Maths, Geography, History, Civics and Economics.

The website is important because it translates complex data into a form that is easily accessible, and usable to children.   In essence, it makes complicated data user friendly, and as such capable of being used to facilitate a deeper analysis of the relevant issues.  Although the ABS itself is a rich data collection source, it is likely to be difficult to navigate for children.  This website provides a fabulous intermediation of this data for primary school children.

Because of the inherent limitations of the infographic (ie not all data sources that are available from the ABS data are capable of being converted), it may be that some upper primary students experience frustration that what they want to show is not capable of being converted into an infographic.  This could be remedied by showing them the ABS data, which is a much more complex and complete presentation of raw data.

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