Is Technology Isolating? Option 1

Question: Do you think computers help bring people together or only serve to isolate us?

Inquiry strategies: Students could form debating teams in upper primary gathering evidence to share with the class. It would display considerable digital literacy to discuss this issue; exploring the ways technology can be isolating but can also bring us together!

Students may be able to create a powerpoint, podcast, video or presentation to explain one particular computer technology that serves to isolate or bring us together. Students would be encouraged to find a unique way of collecting, compiling and sharing the evidence they collect. Students could start their own message board to share comments on.

Possible resources: Students could collect information from questionnaires asking family members to give their thoughts. Students could use online discussion forums to ask the question and collect information, TED talks or other videos available on Youtube.
How social media makes us unsocial –

Curriculum links and Integration: This question and inquiry would be mainly directed towards upper primary and high school.

Digital Technologies:

Explain how student solutions and existing information systems are sustainable and meet current and future local community needs (ACTDIP021)

Plan, create and communicate ideas and information, including collaboratively online, applying agreed ethical, social and technical protocols (ACTDIP022)

Integration with various HASS inquiry skills. Especially the use of organisation and representation of data in tables or graphs.

Integration with the English Literature strand; where students have to form intepretation of what they see or hear online.

Differentiation: As students will be able to present their evidence in (almost) any way they like as long as it is coherent and convincing there is a multitude of means for differentiation. May be a student wants to write an essay or poem because it is where their strengths lie. Or, perhaps a student want to make a green screen presentation. Exploring this question gives many opportunities for student choice and level of challenge.

Criticisms/Limitations: As with any unit of inquiry, scaffolding students to construct desirable outcomes will be challenging for the teacher and require extensive planning. This question is also very broad which can be fantastic but this has drawbacks as well. Students’ may feel stuck with the many different directions they could take this. It will require expert teacher scaffolding to support this unit

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