Task 7Visual programming

I teach in a very low socio economic area and the majority of my students have no access to computers or IPads other than at school. This year was the first that the school has attempted to teach Digital Technology and I took on this course as a way of trying to learn the subject as I had no prior knowledge of Digital Technology and found it all terrifying. This course has been wonderful for me and although it has left me with more questions than answers I do feel I have a very basic knowledge of the subject and enough confidence to tackle the next course.

I took my students through the Scratch Story Starter, step by step, myself learning everything the lesson before I taught it and the majority of them were fascinated by their initial attempts at basic coding. Three have asked for more information and I have made several sets now of the story starter to get them started as they wanted to try this out further in their lunchtime. Just wanted to say thank you and if I can learn from this course and teach other students, then any one can!

students involved in Scratch Story Starter.

Scratch Story Starter


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