Task 2: Patterns and play (option 1)

Here is my task 2. I chose option 1.

1.Collection of data

Analyse a problem – “how many different sock colours do I own and which colour do I have the most of?”

Work out what data is needed (and what to ignore) – data needed = sock colour, data ignored = sock type, sock length and sock material

Create sequence of steps to solve a problem – pick up a pair of socks, identify the colour and put a dash next to the colour (tally)

Sock colour Tally Total number
Black IIII 4
Pink III 3
Blue I 1
Purple III 3
Grey II 2


2.Identify the best way of representing my data

Bar graph

3.Representing data

Used an online software: https://www.meta-chart.com/bar#/display


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