Task 2 Option 2 (and 1)

Resource – Useful Data Source: On my most recent practicum experience, I had the opportunity to implement a Year 2 HASS lesson where students were comparing modes of transport in the past to now. More specifically, they looked at how their parents got to school when they were in Year 2, and compared that to how the students in our class got to school. We were able to collect this data by sending home a question asking for a response in the weekly newsletter, 2 weeks prior to the lesson, and also sending a questionnaire slip home in the students’ diaries (parents could respond in whichever way was more convenient).
During our history lesson, we were able to transfer the information from tally marks on a table into a colour coordinated bar graph using the app Teaching Graphs. This app was available on all students’ iPads at my practicum school. Usually, it is a paid app which retails at $5.99 on the Apple App Store. After demonstrating how to use the app,  students were able to work in pairs to explore graphing the data on their iPads. Following this, we had a conversation about the differences in modes of transport and had a student-led discussion as to why change in technology could have allowed this to happen.
Curriculum (D&T): This lesson ties into Year 2 Design and Technology (Digital Technologies) curriculum link ACTDIP003 (Present data using a variety of digital tools). The students in my class had prior exposure to this app and were excited to have a go. They enjoyed being able to use an app to produce a bar graph rather than doing it by hand on paper. As the students were proficient with ICT, the lesson ran with little issues.
This lesson covers the HASS (History) curriculum by exploring the impact of changing technology on people’s lives (e.g. at home, work, travel, communication, leisure, toys) and how the technology of the past differs from what is used today (ACHASSK046). It also looks at HASS skill WAHASS16 – the ability to sort and record selected information and/or data (e.g. use graphic organisers, take keywords. In addition to this, the lesson also covered Mathematics strand ACMSP050 – create displays of data using lists, table and picture graphs and interpret them.
Limitations of my activity:
Although the Teaching Graphs app was available on all students’ iPads at my practicum school, it is usually a paid app which retails at $5.99 on the Apple App Store. However, this free website can be used o substitute the use of the app: NCES Kids Zone.  I have attached a photo of a graph produced using the free website.

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