Task 2 option 1

Resource: Mentimeter is an excellent resource to gather live data. It is an online data collection software that displays data in various ways eg. word clouds, graphs, scales and a 2×2 grid. A code is entered into Menti.com on individual devices, when the code is entered a question will be displayed. When the question is answered, the answers will be displayed anonymously on a screen. Menti is compatible with iPads and computers, all that is needed is an internet connection.

Curriculum: Mentimeter is a very useful tool for teachers as it allows encourages participation of all students. Students feel more confident sharing their ideas behind a veil of anonymity. This data collection method relates to the West Australian curriculum: Digital technologies under collecting, managing and analysing data Present data of any kind using a variety of digital tools (ACTDIP003).

Mentimeter can be used as a tool for diagnostic assessments. In the screenshot above Mentimeter was used as a tool to determine prior knowledge about electricity. It can also be used as a tool for formative assessments to determine the class’ collective understanding and readiness to move on.


Integration: This tool can easily be used in other subjects. The most appropriate subject would be Mathematics in which it could be used in a data collection activity. Students would ask a question about how many hours students spend on social media. Students will then interpret the graph that the data has been instantly tabulated into.

Concerns: As all the responses are anonymous there is a chance of answers that are unrelated to the question. This can be mitigated by checking a box that screens for swear words and appropriate answers. This could also be a good opportunity to discuss personal and social capability and responsibility.

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