Task 1- Possibilities with digital technologies- Career-

Hi, my name is Dominique and I am in my final Semester of my Master of Teaching: Early Childhood.

The first option for this task intrigued me because about 15 years ago, my partner enrolled in a Computer Science course and dropped out because according to him, the course was “boring, with limited career opportunities.” Today, with the development of technology in the 21st century, Digital Technologies has become more common in classrooms, with a potential increase in career opportunities in this area. For instance, on my Final Practicum, I had the privilege of assisting in my pre-primary class’ Digital Technologies class. I helped the students with a Coding Application and Bee Bots. Students were also taught about cyber safety by their teacher. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to research a possible career in Computer Science.

I enjoy watching crime shows such as CSI, NCIS, Bones, The Mentalist, Blacklist etc. I have also watched documentaries about crimes being solved by various technologies. Thus, I decided to research Forensic Science careers. There were many to choose from, including Ballistic, Bloodstain Pattern, DNA, Document and Computer Analysts. However, I selected to research Forensic Science Technicians because they are the people that analyse evidence, investigate crime scenes and communicate with other specialists in the forensic field. Most of these Technicians’ work is completed in a laboratory or at crime scenes (Roufa, 2019). Some of the technology these Technicians use include: Microscopes, Alternative Light Photography, Digital Surveillance, Facial Reconstruction and Link Analysis Software (ATA Scientific Pty Ltd, 2016).

The one question I would ask, is how do you deal with the blood and gore of dead bodies and bloody crime scenes? I don’t think I would be able to deal with that day in day out.


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Roufa, T. (2019). Careers in Forensic Science. Retrieved from https://www.thebalancecareers.com/discover-careers-in-forensic-science-974532



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    This is a well-researched and informative post! I initially had very limited knowledge of the Forensic Science field, especially the roles of Forensic Science Technicians and what they do. It is certainly a great example of occupation to bring into discussions in the classroom, specifically when talking about the possible directions that Digital Technologies can take us to in our career path. Crime investigation is a solid and stimulating area that interest many people of different ages. There are plenty of fascinating ways to present this topic to students, such as role playing as ‘detectives’ for the young ones and inviting them to interact with/explore different technologies that can help them ‘solve cases’ (e.g. using a microscope to analyse pretend evidences).

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