Task 1: Possibilities with Digital Technologies

I decided to choose option 1.

Job: Formula One Race Engineers

Brief explanation: Formula one Race Engineers rely heavily on digital technologies. In simplistic terms, digital technology allows the engineers to be the eyes of the race car. Digital technology in the form of miniaturised sensors and high-speed computing allow the telemetry of the race car to be live streamed. The live steam of the real-time telemetry data includes the real-time location of the race car as well as the cars performance. This data allows the engineers to analyse it and make changes to optimise the cars performance.

I was absolutely amazed at the notion that racing is no longer a driver and the physical mechanics of the car, but now involves a team of specialised engineers who use digital technologies.


How many engineers in a team?

What are the responsibilities of the engineers – do they all have separate jobs, or do they work collaboratively?

How knowledgeable is the driver of the digital technologies employed by the engineers?


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