Task 7: Visual Programming

I had no idea using Scratch would be so much fun but here I am 3 hours later, having worked through the tutorials and feel that I could use this in my classroom in so many ways! 

My first idea is for musical chords. Making music on Scratch is incredibly easy and I even recorded my own voice for one of the notes in the chord. I created a basic Cmajor chord with an electric chord as the C, the saxophone playing the E, the keyboard playing the G and my voice on top. What an incredible lesson this would be to integrate DT into music class and have students use real instrument sounds to practice creating chords. I included a screen shot of my creation.

Secondly, Scratch could be used to recreate a particular scene from a novel being read. Students could work in a group to create their own pages that all tell the story or chapter in sequence instead of writing a chapter summary. Similarly, students could create a Scratch animation to highlight key elements of the story. For example, the teacher could ask the students to create a Scratch for a point in the chapter where they encountered foreshadowing or irony for home learning. This would be something students would want to do at home.


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