Task 6: Algorithms and Programming

Introduction to algorithms
Lesson Plan for Secondary Science
(This lesson could be embedded into sequence of lessons in which students are learning about cell structure and use of the microscope).
1. Introduce students to algorithms including steps that involve decisions and loops.
2. Model with the example of an algorithm instructing an elevator how to move between floors, when to open the doors (loop), and when to return to ground floor.

2. Ask students to consider how they would write an algorithm to set up the microscope to view cells in a tissue, what kinds of things they would need to take into account, what kinds of decisions do they need to make, what steps might be repeated, when would they know when to stop?

3. Students work in pairs to write the algorthm.

3. Students swap their algorithms between groups and try setting up the algorithm created by a different group.

4. Reflection on
a) what worked
b) what didn’t work
c) what they would do to improve the algorithm.

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