Task 6: Algorithms and Programming

Option 2.

An effective way that I have started teaching algorithms and programming in my classroom is through the use of Ozobots. These are similar to BeeBots however they follow a pathway created by students using markers.

Students are given a task that they need to achieve, for example, your Ozobot pathway must include two speed changes and two cool moves. Students then break down this learning outcome into more manageable steps so that they can achieve their outcome. They use the coding sheets to help them identify which are the speed codes and which are the cool moves and they can start to plan which ones they would like to use and how to incorporate them into their pathway. Once their pathway is complete they test it with their Ozobot to help them articulate whether they have achieved their outcome and their codes are clear enough for the Ozobot to recognise and follow.

Please see these images below taken from the Ozobots website to help visually demonstrate what an Ozobot is and the codes that are used to help program these.

Image result for ozobots pathwaysImage result for ozobots pathways


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