Task 2 Data- Patterns & Play

Option 3.

If we were holding a PD with staff from our school, one area we would look at is our Student Opinion Surveys. These are conducted in Term 2, with our grade 4-6. This task is done by students using a computer and answering a range of questions which relates to their schooling (attitudes, safety, bullying etc).

After collecting the surveys, the data is organised into multiple categories (boys, girls, just Grade 5’s, etc). As a staff, we collaborate together and look at this data and also compare it to previous years to see what trends we have.

The data is presented as percentages which allows teachers to compare and analyse the different areas of strengths and improvement areas. This data is also good to overlap the parent opinion surveys and see if there are any commonalities between the two data sets.

The information collected is then shared with the students back in their own classrooms, giving them a voice on why they may have answered that way and how improves can be made both in their classroom and across the school.


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