Task 1: Possibilities with Digital Technologies.

Option 2.

I have found an example of where digital technology is being used in a simple way to solve a problem.

It is a new video streaming technology that helps parents stay connected with their new born baby during extended hospital stays. It was developed by telemedicine researchers and is being trialled in Townsville, Queensland. For example, if a baby is born prematurely and needs to remain in hospital for an extended period of time, the parents can use this mobile based app to log in and watch a live stream video of their baby safely in hospital. It is great for if mothers/fathers wake up in the middle of the night and just want to check on their baby, they can log on and watch the live stream and be immediately reassured that their baby is safe and sound.

Samantha Hayden is a trial participant who had twins prematurely and thinks the new technology is really helpful. Feel free to see linked content below for more information. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0npf24b2q5lnj3q/AADYj62h0S1qp8Unwc6oXEefa?dl=0&preview=Samantha+Hayden+(mum)+with+Zachary+%26+Sebasian+(2).jpeg


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