ICT vs Digital Tech – Managing kids expectations

Hi all,

This is a very genuine question, as to how other schools/teachers are finding it when managing their kids expectations for Digital Technologies. Kids arrive to me as a specialist ICT teacher, ready to do ICT, use Word, make a Powerpoint, play on a laptop or iPad etc. When i’ve come in to do Digital Technologies, the kids are just expecting to play and consume ICT, rather than create or learn the skills utilized to create digital technologies.

Im using the https://www.digitaltechnologieshub.edu.au site as a guide, and rightly many of these lessons dont actually require the students to use devices themselves. Its a really interesting balance i’m finding that kids want to be on devices and have little time for ‘unplugged’ activities in Digi Tech. I know it’s a time thing, and that they will get to grips that sometimes we will be on devices and sometimes not, but i was wondering what other people’s experiences with this are.

Why are kids so PowerPoint oriented?

Thanks in advance, Nick

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