Dr. Natalie Thorne

Question- Share an example of a job that involves some element of computing or relation to digital technologies.

The job we have chosen is Computational Biology. We had a focus around the work that Melbourne Genomics’ Lead Specialist Natalie Thorne. Dr. Thorne has been working in this field for a number of years and has a real passion for bridging Mathematics and Statistics with Science and Biology. We had a pleasure of meeting Dr. Thorne at our Maths specialist training in February this year. She spoke to us at length about her ambition to peruse her love for both statistics and genomics. Dr. Thorne used digital technologies to bridge this gap between both areas producing a sequencing technology to discover disease-causing DNA mutations as well as being involved in projects to improve the use of whole genome sequencing for disease diagnosis using digital technologies.
Some of the keys questions she posed to us as teachers for our younger generations coming through were:
– How can we link science and maths without students knowing that they are?
– Can we link STEM activities with real world situations?
– What kind of attributes and dispositions might we want to deliberately foster if we are to develop strong learners that can use computational skills which can bridge multiple interests/skills?



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