Marlene Harvie▸ Task 1: Introducing DTs
This article is about new technologies that have been developed in the US and are now available in Australia. The new technology that really struck a chord with me was the one about the photo stick. I have done a great deal of travel with my family and have thousands of photos that I could quite easily lose in an unforeseen event. My photos are also very disorganised and I'm sure this device would be a huge help to many people like me, who are a bit unsure about how to digitally organise photos and files.23 Awesome Cool Products You’ve Probably Never Heard Of With so many new products and gadgets coming to market every day, it’s no wonder you have not heard anything about them. We have decided to put together an up-to-date list of 23 different US products that are now available in [geo:ip] – many of which have been crowdfunded. You can add them to …

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