Lesley Anderson▸ Task 7: Visual Programming

Firstly we used the code from the sphero.com site to create a square with our sphero robots. This was an excellent way for students to begin thinking logically when using coding, how coders actually get things to happen and the need to debug when things go awry – without having to actually design/write the code. Students really got the feel for coding and being productive with it.

Next we began to ring in the changes. One of the best ones was taking four coloured kinder squares and placing them at each corner of the square being navigated. Students worked on a few different challenges including…
– coding their spheros right into the centre of each square
– coding a colour change of their sphero to match the colour of the square they
navigated to

Simple but effective tasks to bring out the coder in all! (and just a little bit of competitiveness!) #cserTask7 #spherosrule #beginningcoders #roboticschallenge
Draw a square with Sphero.

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