Kristy Graffin▸ Task 4: Digital Systems

This lesson idea can be adapted to any year level and can be integrated with History and English.

Students will choose a piece of technology (camera, watch (or timekeeping devices), phone, computer or music player). They will then research that technology online or in books (individually or in small groups) and record information about the similarities and differences over time since it was first invented. Provide a list of child friendly websites and school library books for students to use for research or alternatively compile the information in a document for students to read (Note: if possible change the reading difficulty level based on student literacy capability). Finally, provide students with a choice about how to present their research to the class (timeline, oral presentation, typed or written information report, dramatic role play with props, ebook, poster, wiki or other format) and whether they would like to do it individually or in groups of 3-4. #cserTask4

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