Kristy Graffin▸ Task 3: Data- Representation

As a relief teacher I like to have several no-prep activities on hand in case there is no work left or there is spare time. This is one activity which I created for this purpose:

Provide students with some background information about codes and coding languages (Braille, spy codes, Auslan, Egyption hieroglyphs, Caesar Shift Code used to code military messages by Julius Caesar, Morse Code). Alternatively, students can research independently or in small groups (if have internet connection) and create their own coded alphabet (or use their researched code) to write messages that the other students in their group/class can try to crack with or without the coded alphabet. (QR Code sheet with boxes and names of codes). iPad free alternative: Model Shift Code or a symbol code on the board then students create their own coded alphabet and use it to write messages.


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