Jeremy Matcham▸ Task 5: Information Systems

A lesson idea for behaving appropriately online:
Pre-warn your senior staff members you will be posting a fake statement on social media. Students should not be able to see your page already anyway, so on the same social media platform, post a warning leading up to the fake statement. Ask a staff member to temporarily "relieve you" for a few minutes with a pretend phone call. Ask the class to answer some questions that the other staff member will project on a screen, "accidentally" showing the class your fake public statement which they would believe for a moment to be true.
An example might be "My class this year are the worst I have ever had!"
Return to the class after a couple of minutes to face the responses to your post.
Show them your pre-warning post and that the whole thing was not real. Ask the class to reflect, in whatever way you decide, on things like the appropriateness of your post, their feelings, whether these things reflect upon the character of the person posting, whether it can be removed permanently and so on. Show a related video on appropriate online behaviour. An example might be

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