Elise Chatindiara▸ Task 4: Digital Systems

Task 4 – Develop an inquiry questions for students to investigate.

I am curious to see how my Year 1 students would respond to a question like
'How do we use computers today?' I anticipate they would say things like to call people, to send messages, to skype, to take photos.

From their answers I would then ask them how people in the past (we are just working on the concept of past at the moment) did these things ….. talk to each other when they were not in the same place, communicate messages when they were not in the same place, record special events in pictures etc.

I would provide resources (texts and online videos accessed via QR codes and padlet platform) for students to investigate how these things happened in the past and then share their findings with the rest of the class.

It would be interesting to spend some time doing an indepth investigation at one particular way computers have impacted on our lives from the past to now ie washing clothes, watching movies/TV etc and do some sequencing of technology and perhaps even an excursion to a cinema to see the technology involved in screening a film. So much potential for exciting learning opportunities!

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