Elise Chatindiara▸ Task 3: Data- Representation

Task 3
In Year One we read a big book called 'Peace At Last' about a bear family who go to bed. The Daddy bear is kept awake by noises in various parts of the house all night long.
1st – Mummy bear is snoring
2nd – In baby bear's room he is playing aeroplanes and making neeyow plane noises
3rd – In the kitchen the tap is dripping
4th – In the lounge the cuckoo clock keeps going cuckoo

And on it goes.

My idea is to put the students into small groups and get them to create a noise to represent one of the things that keeps Daddy bear awake during the story. They could use some instruments perhaps or just their bodies. I will get them to share their ideas of suitable noises with the class. Then, perhaps the next day (depending how the lesson is going) I'll ask them to prepare a code (ie an image or symbol) for their sound and will have each group draw their image on a large post it note to stick on the part of the text where that noise is needed. Then, when we next read the text (we read and do activities with this text for a whole week; once daily) I'll ask the class to participate in reading the symbols and making the matching noise as we read the text together.

I think the students would really enjoy this activity and find it very engaging. We do have access to ipads so we could also film this reading where we use symbols on post it notes and have students joining in reading the symbols and making noises to make a digital version of our reading.

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