Bec Kirkpatrick▸ Task 7: Visual Programming

Option 1- As ScratchJnr is new to our school and students I would like to start at the beginning teaching the how and why of Scratch Jnr and all the wonderful thingswe can do. Task cards can be downloaded as powerpoints so they can be displayed on the IWB and students can work along with teacher to complete the various tasks toget to know Scratch Jnr and what we can do. #csertask7 Scratch Jr Lesson Cards 1 to 15 PREP-YEAR 6 Courses Parent Lounge Parent Letters & Assessment Planners College Website All other Primary and Secondary links – Site Map. Staff Links. Teacher Kiosk TassWeb CASTLE Student Academic Data – TRACK ONE PASSMARC Staff Areas Complispace & Forms All other areas – Site …

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