Bec Kirkpatrick▸ Task 4: Digital Systems

For the early years I think the stimulus question of "How does my computer know what to do?" is a good starting point. This question can lead into so many areas of learning.
*You could start an investigation wall where we can add our knowledge as we find out.
*Complete activities that identify the external parts of a computer and what we use them for. Create class mural to display.
*Watch videos on the components the internal components of a computer such as the TEDed one in this module.
* If there is access to an old computer, pull it apart and identify the parts inside and what they do.
*Complete the human and computer comparison activity so students can make connections between how something/someone knows what to do.
* Extend on ideas by looking inside other devices such as laptops and ipads and comparing similarities and differences.
I think we focus to much on getting students onto computers and being able to get onto programs and complete tasks within that program. I am going to start computer lessons from now on with what digital systems are as a basis for student learning. #CSERTask4

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