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Activity that I have done with Year 5 and teaching them that data can be representing in different ways – we looked at creating an image using binary code.

Students were able to use MS Word or Excel to create 10 x 10 grid – if they wanted to make their grid bigger they could. The size of the grid was dependant on the image they were going to create. Students created a picture by colouring in the squares in black or leaving them white.

Once completed they encoded their image using binary code – black represented 0 and white was represented by a 1.

Once they had encoded their image they swapped with another student and then went about trying to decode the binary code and recreate the other students image. Once finished students then printed out their images and compared then to see how close they were. If the images were the same then they could proceed with using some colours, however if they were different students had to work together to identify the error and fix it up.

This task introduced to them to how binary numbers are used to represent images.

Another activity that they have completed is writing secrete messages to each other using binary code. This demonstrated to students how text can be represented using binary code.

Activity for QR codes – involved students using a QR code to write a blurb about a mixed up fairy tale they had written. Using the QR stuff website students generated a QR code for their blurb that they then emailed to their parents and other students as a way of promoting their narrative for other students to read. This lesson was for a Grade 2 class.


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