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Schoolstudymaterials is an online platform which provides a perfect subject wise study materials for school students. Learning materials serves as the important structure to lesson planning and the delivery of instruction. In that sense, SCHOOLSTUDYMATERIALS provides a valuable and precise materials for students in an easily understandable manner.
● 6th to 12th Std subject wise study materials
● Important formulae in Maths
● Bookback onewords with answers for the class 6th to 12th
● Previous year question papers for all the classes from 6th to 12th Std.
● Shortcuts and Tricks for smart preparation
● Tamil Grammer
● English Grammar

➔ Apart from these, schoolstudymaterials provides a new concept called “Word of the Day” with new words in order to strengthen the vocabulary
Skills of the students.
➔ Scholarships encourages students to think of their future studies. But majority of students are not aware about the scholarships provided by the Governments. We took a step forward in that and provides the up-to-date notifications released by the Governments about
● TN Scholarships
● Central Government Scholarships
● UGC scholarships

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