Rebecca Webster▸ Task 2: Data- Patterns & Play

Giving children access to a camera can result in a unique, flexible and rich source of data. One idea would be to set up a tripod with a view from the classroom or of a place/thing of interest, and have children take photos at intervals throughout the day, or at a set time each day for a certain period. These could then be made into a flipbook or animation, or a select few juxtaposed for a spot-the-difference and discussion. Further data could be extracted from the photos (e.g. number of clouds or people, position of a shadow, size of a leaf etc), and represented in different ways (e.g. tallies, tables, graphs). Patterns could then be identified and interpreted to emphasise learning outcomes. This exercise can also give children a sense of the dynamic nature and significance of places over different time scales. #cserTask2

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