Rebecca Charge▸ Task 5: Information Systems

Option 1. One way of looking at the permanency of social media and how to behave appropriately online is to think: "Would I put it on a billboard?" This was something that stuck with me after hearing it mentioned at a talk at my school. This speaker was a local police liaison officer who shared his experiences dealing with young people who were being bribed in relation to inappropriate content they sent either online or via SMS. I liked the idea and have used it both personally and professionally when posting things online. I also think it would be a great starting point for a unit focused on this topic.

The following are articles I found researching this idea today: – In this article, Michael Cowling of CQU provides a great analogy comparing social media to billboards. – this article is quite interesting because involves a real situation where activists published actual posts on bill boards to demonstrate racist attitudes.

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