Peita Bates▸ Task 5: Information Systems

I start my lesson by showing the linked video. Initially it appears to have nothing to do with DT at all. After the video, I replay it and have student write down how Apollo uses misdirection to do the tricks (wont spoil it for you). We have a class discussion that links back to previous units about how information is processed etc.

Then I link this information through to the idea of how advertisers, scammers etc use misdirection online to get your information.

I provide students with an 'about me' and 'treasure hunt' worksheet (electronic so cant share). Students look at a series of images (ads, social media posts, phishing emails etc) and get them to identify how they are being asked to share information (e.g. 'share if you can find … on this page' type posts as a means of promoting a Facebook page). Then on the 'about me' worksheet' I have them search for information like favourite colours, pet names etc online for the favourite celebrity.

Students quickly realise how easy it is to find information, how that could help break passwords and how not everything is as simple as it seems online.


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