Peita Bates▸ Task 2: Data- Patterns & Play

I recently presented a PL session regarding visual literacy, with a focus on how data/information can be presented. It is a little bit of a tangent but I used this video. Staff were asked to just watch is the first time and then record what they remembered. Then they watched it again and responded to a set of survey questions around how information was presented etc.

As a group we then looked at the data to see how we all access and recall information differently. How can we used presentation to ensure key messages are transmitted. We also looked at how these techniques can be used for good as well as evil e.g. graph scales can be changed to give the perception of greater difference between two statistics etc.

Side note: we are doing a lot of work internally around multi-modal presentations being more than speaking to PowerPoint slides which is another reason why this was chosen but anyway…


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