Lisa Gilewski▸ Task 4: Digital Systems

Option 3: Exploring past and present technologies: Share a lesson idea that involves exploring past and present technologies. This lesson is for my year 3/4 class. Using sets of cards with different designs of objects over time (clock, car, computer, telephone, train, aeroplane etc) students are grouped by finding the other students with the same object. They do this silently by walking around and looking at the pictures on the cards. After 5 mins or when most students have found their group the teacher will ask the class to assist the students who haven't found their group. Teacher will also ask if there are any students with cards who they don't think belong in their group and discuss why. In groups students put the cards in order from earliest to latest design model. They then research their card to make a timeline. An extension would be that they design their own thinking about what their object may be like in the future.

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