Laura Chaffey▸ Task 4: Digital Systems

Here is a unit of work I wrote and then our Stage 1 team implemented from term 4 2018. It was a history unit which investigated changes in technology over time.
To being the unit students had to work in teams to order photographs of gaming consoles in order from oldest to newest release. Afterwards we had great conversations about the changes in technology to each system e.g. size, hand controls, thumb joysticks, rumble packs, wireless controllers, intro to internet connection, virtual reality. I've included the file with the images in the comments.
To complete the research task students used a variety of sources to research their information and were taught the inquiry process as part of the unit. Students selected how they presented their research findings. Some selected traditional cardboard posters while others made PowerPoint presentations, a movie or created an eBook. #cserTask4 #computers #pastandpresent #historyHistory_PastPresent_ChangesinTechnology.docx

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