Peter Genrich▸ Task 6: Algorithms & Programming

At our school we value people and their expertise. In our Year 1/2/3 multi age class setting the students were learning about sustainability – reuse, reduce and recycle and they chose a garden in the school to redevelop. The students listened to our Groundsman Charlie who had developed a sensory garden in our school and the students learnt the sequential steps in how he planned and developed the garden. The students went into our innovation, collaboration and creative centre using glass whiteboards to plan their own garden (visual image) and then the steps they needed to do to transform the garden using recycled materials, reusing what was already there and to reduce the litter that was being collected in the area. Once they had completed the step and developed their procedure they had to explain this to our Groundsman. The students worked with hi to develop their part of the garden and as a puzzle comes togather so did our garden. #csertask6

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