Matthew Rice▸ Task 1: Introducing DTs

I have decided to share some technology in action from one of my favorite sports, cricket.

The idea of technology in sport isn't a new one but will technology ever totally replace humans in umpiring?

The technology used below was originally introduced to give the viewer greater insight into why umpires believe an LBW decision to be out or not.

Teams have now moved to being able to question the umpires decision through the use of the same technology.

I don't believe this has made the umpires job any easier, to be under constant scrutiny and I don't believe that the use of technology has resulted in it being 100% correct anyway. I'm not convinced that a computer program can account for experience and the individuals understanding of the laws of physics, or the amount a ball will move or bounce, to ever be 100% correct.

Obviously technology is here to stay in sport but I'll remain wary!


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