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Hi all,

One of my all time favourite sports is gymnastics as it was a sport that I enjoyed when I was quite young. Back in the day, each apparatus was scored and judged by a panel of judges during competition time, watching your every move. Things like pointed toes or straight legs are something that can only be seen very quickly.

The article below talks about how gymnastics can become more advanced with the use of 3D laser sensors. This could potentially become a game changer as it could give more of an accurate score through the replay of routines, helping the judge to decide just how accurate the technique was.


https://www.sporttechie.com/as-the-sport-of-gymnastics-becomes-more-advanced-3d-laser-sensors-might-be-the-best-way-to-judge-competition/As The Sport Of Gymnastics Becomes More Advanced, 3D Laser Sensors Might Be The Best Way To Judge Competition

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