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I am a grade 3-4 teacher in an area of Melbourne where students do not get much exposure to digital technologies at home so I am excited to start providing students with experiences of digi-tech at school and real world situations they could use it in. I found this link to an article about providing students with opportunities to solve real world problems. I like how this article discusses how to make digital technology relevant to children and their lives and giving them the tools to "be creative, or design, or how to hack new technologies or deal with unexpected situations" which would help them navigate their world and be global citizens of the future. This also links really well with the aim of the Smith Family ICT Explorers competition that CSER helps to run.
#cserTask2Kids Solve The Most Pressing Urban Problems With Designs You’d Never T

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  • Celia Coffa: Great article Zoe! Welcome to the community and course.

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