Suzanne Croucher▸ Task 3: Data- Representation

Option 2
In a geography lesson a QR around the world activity could be used as a fun revision activity after students have been looking at map skills and different cities/countries around the world. For lower grades or ESL classrooms, the teacher creates a number of QR codes that when searched link to clues or information about a particular city or country. Students have a world map which they can then mark each location on and plot the trip of each QR code. Once this activity is completed and students have got the hang of using QR codes, they could create their own QR code for a city/country of their chose, which they then write clues and information for other students to then find and mark on to their map.

For higher grades, this activity could be completely self run by students, with them working in pairs and creating all the QR codes and clues for different places that the teacher has assigned to each group.
Once all students have completed theirs they could then be placed around the room or school and an 'amazing race' style game could then be played with the winning students the first group to find all the locations and mark them on their maps correctly.

The clues and information that students use in their assigned locations could be used as a form of assessment.
This activity could also created by students for a school open day, with small prizes to families and community members that participate.

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