Paula▸ Task 2: Data- Patterns & Play

The University of Wollongong maintains a fabulous First Fleet database, especially useful for students in years 4,5 and 6:
"It contains a database of the First Fleet convicts; background notes about the sources of the data in the database; diary extracts, stories and letters of the time; advice about how to approach learning in general; suggestions on how to investigate the topic of the First Fleet in particular; reference and links to other information about the Australia's past; and an invitation to correspond with us and join the online community discussing First Fleet issues." #cserTask2First Fleet – Objectives OBJECTIVES. What is it? First Fleet Online consists of information about the convicts who were transported to Australia in 1787. A fleet of ships carrying over 1000 convicts and military under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in Australia in January 1788 after a journey of seven months.

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