McIver EduBots▸ Task 7: Visual Programming

Option 2:
I have used Edison robots to do a Robot Sumo competition with around 9000 students over the past few years.
Edison presently has 2 visual based languages free to use with the robots:
1. is as its name suggests based on Blockly. It is suitable for beginners to learn to program the robot.
2. is a hybrid graphical (visual with enhanced properties settings) program developed in Australia. It allows students to think more deeply about coding and I believe prepares them well for moving onto text-based coding.
3. In development is a Scratch based version of their software.

The Edison can also be programmed using their Python text-based programme

So an introductory lesson I use with the students is to simply learn how to do a simple Sumo competition using the Edison robot.
It is possible within the same classroom to have different students at different learning levels using the 3 different programs at the same time. Self-differentiation!!

The simplest program just involves a repeated 3 step sequence: Move forward to a line (detected by the light sensor), move back for a period of time & turn for a period of time. This is then looped.
As students gain confidence in coding and driving their robot they can then add branching where then they detect another robot using its object sensors etc.
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