McIver EduBots▸ Task 6: Algorithms & Programming

Using BeeBots with P-2 students. I love to use a simple shapes activity where students are given a 3X4 grid and a pack of shapes and instructions.
In the packet, there are the following pieces: a square, a circle, a rectangle and a triangle in each of 3 colours blue, red and green. There is also a little map which shows the students how to lay out their shapes.
The shapes are deliberately shown in different rotations so that students still recognise the triangle, for example, no matter which way it is oriented. (Abstractions).
The students are then given their "challenges" which involve driving their BeeBot around the mat.
Additional exercises include students writing Algorithms using "different" coding languages. Kindy children may use arrows and the same symbols as used on th BeeBot "keyboard", whilst Year 1 may use F, B, R, T and P.
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