McIver EduBots▸ Task 5: Information Systems

Using a Google Document to teach effective naming and searching techniques and online safety and etiquette!
1. Naming conventions and searching.
Show the youtube video How Search Works Google
Show video Boolean Operators

Have students create a google document for a piece of work they are working on. Talk about document naming conventions so that they and their teacher can easily search for and identify the document later. Many schools have a naming conventions policy which certainly assists in the efficient storage and retrieval of documents created by staff and students!

2. Have the students now share the document with you and a small group of students from the class. This group should include not just their immediate friends. Talk about “how do we know the identities of the people the document is shared with?”
Demonstrate the additional settings they can use to stop on-sharing of their document. See picture below.

3. Discuss the appropriate way to use the "comments function" of Google documents.

Show the youtube videos: Talk to your kids
Be mindful

Demonstrate to your class how to use comments to:
Encourage students to improve their work
Assist the author to correct mistakes like spelling and grammar
Discuss how this works like social media
Discourage peer students simply making the corrections themselves in the document itself – this doesn’t assist the author to learn from their errors!!

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