Kim Knowles▸ Task 1: Introducing DTs

I'm very interested in careers education and this article in particular resonates with me as many of the digital and/or computer science type careers need people who are also creative.

Lucy says "When I graduated and started uni I learnt that creativity can take many different forms, and the subjects I’d chosen opened up more doors than I could have imagined. I suddenly saw that having a “creative” job didn’t necessarily mean becoming a photographer, painter, actor or designer. Creativity can look like lots of different things. It can take the form of something digital, which is a part of my role now at FYA — I develop elements of our website, write articles, create plans for videos and photoshoots, and I coordinate media and advertising campaigns online."

If you haven't checked out this website please do – Foundation for Young Australians

#cserTask1I Was Told I Could Never Sustain Myself With A Creative Career | FYA

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