Kat Dee▸ Task 4: Digital Systems

An interesting lesson that would be suited to Stage 2 or 3 students could just include researching the technology, computers and networks over the past few generations. Students could gather information first-hand from family members of different generations, and compare their experience growing up against their own.

This is fairly open-ended and could be tailored to focus in on any number of areas. One interesting website I found interesting is fairly recent, and definitely pitched at a level that children would understand was a blog post titled, “What tech world did you grow up in?”


This simple post could be the lesson hook. Information over time is presented in a number of interactive graphs covering the past three decades. This could form the basis of some very interesting discussions, and link in with maths (data). Students could then choose one area of interest and research further, sharing their findings about past and present technologies with the class. #CSERTask4
What ‘tech world’ did you grow up in?

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