Elissa Swan▸ Task 7: Visual Programming

Task 7: Option 1: Design a classroom activity that uses an existing Scratch game.
As part of a stage 4 Technology unit we get our students to complete a number of lessons using Scratch. The Scratch tutorials, please see link are invaluable for getting the students started. Once they have a good understanding of the basics we ask the students to look at exisiting games that they are familiar with eg Pac man, Candy Crush etc and identify aspects of the game such as the sprites used, the types of movements, the backgrounds and point of the game.
Students then follow steps to create a basic game eg cat and mouse game which the students then personalise with their own choice of sprites, background etc and the addition of new movements, colours and sounds.
#cserTask 7
Scratch – Imagine, Program, Share scratch.mit.edu

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