Donna Winter▸ Task 3: Data- Representation

Task 3 – option 1

I have used the book "We're Going on a Croc Hunt" and made some QR codes to go with it. When the book gets to a certain point where they are going through a certain area such as the waterhole, I have made a QR code that shows the words that go with that section of the book. I have added the codes to a picture so the students need to look around the room for an image that matches the words before we read the QR code. When we find the QR code that matches we will use the iPad and mirror the image using our Apple TV in the classroom.

I used which is free to add PDF codes to and will last forever as long as they have been used at least once per year. I was also able to change the colour of the font to match the words that I as typing.


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