Corli-Anne Rzasa▸ Task 1: Introducing DTs

I found this article interesting because it looks at a rural community making a conscious effort to embrace digital technologies for the betterment of their infrastructure, environment and economy. This Victorian rural community made a decision to bring digital technologies to the front of their vision, despite having one of the lowest digital and internet connectivity ratings from the 2011 census.

They have introduced an Internet of Things sensor netweork that will be used to remotely test the water quality of the regions 8 pools and ground sensors to determine moisture levels, thus watering needs of the Botanic Gardens. The Council aims to attract new agricultural growers and boost population by offering a smart network to support farming.

This article was of interest to me because of the grassroots problem solving. I always like seeing technology used in less than traditionally technological areas. #cserTask1 #farming #problem solving
Rural council embraces digital to tackle challenges head on

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